This was originally a slightly off-tangent rant from the previous entry, which I thought should be its own entry. So on the heels of the previous rant…

Is it just me, or does it seem like today’s teens are more worried about image than ever? They are extremely brand-conscious, not just with their logo-emblazoned clothing, but with the television shows and movies they watch, the makeup they wear, the food they eat, and lots more. The media continues to barrage us with images of “cool”… and the younger generation (and the older ones who don’t know any better) strive to follow these rules of cool to a T.

I think I’m a bit sensitive to the whole issue (and definitely more aware of it every day), since I am currently reading the book Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers by Alissa Quart. Interesting read, very revealing writing on the brand culture, teenagers, and the corporations that sell to them.

I guess I should also be reading No Logo by Naomi Klein, which I hear is an excellent book that takes a more generalized look at the culture of branding. Has anyone out there read it?

I think this whole teen branding thing is hitting close to home, since there are two youngsters in this house (one at the especially vulnerable age of thirteen) that are bombarded with marketing in almost every aspect of their lives.

I remember when I was that age. I certainly had my fill of television, magazines, radio and all other forms of media. I’ll admit that I fell victim to branding… but not too severely in the clothes arena, since I wore school uniforms. Everyone around me was struggling to meet an unreachable ideal, and in turn, it also made them extremely judgemental of others that were no where near this ideal.

Ugh. Being a teenager sucks. I wouldn’t want to go through that again. High school was no walk in the park by far. Kids are ruthless, mean, and constantly judging each other.

Then one day, we grow up.

Unfortunately, some people never grow up. There are still people that behave in this manner well into adulthood. It’s funny… the thirteen year olds strive to look older, and the thirty year olds strive to look young. I think they are all shooting for somewhere around twenty-one, wouldn’t you say? They all want to be at MTV’s Spring Break, and look the part. Yay.

I really have a lot more the say on this issue, but my fingers aren’t typing as fast as the ideas are coming, and the tiredness is settling in. I hereby leave this rant open ended, for me to continue at a later time. I want to finish this rant when I’ve finished the book, anyways. Feel free to contribute your thoughts on the issue.

Good night.

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  1. It’s not just you–I’ve noticed that as well. It seems to me that teens today, at least as represented through the mass media, are incredibly superficial and ridiculously oversexed. Maybe I’m just getting old, and I hate to sound puritanical or something, but I’m constantly amazed at how garish and sordid youth culture is today.

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