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Thanks for all your well wishes regarding my annoying as hell illness. Seems like it’s definitely invaded my chest, and I’m constantly coughing up lungs. Not really a pretty mental image, but hey, it’s honest.

The Medicine Head effect I’m experiencing as a result of decongestants is really… um, enlightening. Weeee…

As unproductive as I’ve been in the past few days, something productive has happened… I have a job. You heard me right… a JOB. A Job jobby job.

I went in for my first interview in ages today, and while it wasn’t my first choice, at least it was a choice. I should consider myself lucky, I suppose. I have never experienced such difficulty in finding a job, let alone securing an interview. Times are just too tough, it seems.

I am a bit wary, since it is a retail environment… but I kinda swallowed my pride. At least it’s a designer position. At least it pays.

They wanted me to start immediately. I’m figuring things out, and they are allowing me to feel it out before I commit, and they are working around my schedule. That’s a pretty good thing.

I need to stop holding my breath on all these other jobs I’m applying for. They haven’t called.

Wish me luck.

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