The Great Punkin

It’s pumpkin-chopping season!

I like Halloween, not just for the spooks an’ the candy an’ the dressin’ up. It also gives me an excuse to do some creative stuff, like cookie decorating, house decorating and best of all, pumpkin carving.

Gosh, that sounded awfully Martha-esque, didn’t it?

I haven’t entirely decided what I am going to do with my pumpkin, or maybe I’ll just get multiple gourds and carve a few of ’em. Last year, I did a matching Kiki and Jiji set. This year, I am tempted to go the Nightmare before Christmas route, since the characters are more recognizable, and they look fairly simple to carve.

Today, I found Extreme Pumpkins, with some over-the-top ideas for pumpkin use. I personally like the Carrie pumpkin, complete with a creative use for a zen fountain pump.

Other pumpkin places of note (for my future reference):

Any other ideas? What are you carving this year?

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