Stick it to 'em

I finally got around to starting my assault on eMusic. For those of you living under a rock or some similar heavy object, eMusic sent out an email to their members a couple of weeks ago, informing us of some changes… from being an unlimited legit MP3 download service, to restricting us to 40 downloads a month. That’s BS. The big thud you hear is thousands, if not millions eMusic subscribers dropping the service like a hot potato.

I’m among said group of people, but first, I must download a crapload of MP3s while the getting’s good. Seems like this time of night is just fine for downloading… I’ve hear many reports of stalled downloads during the day, but it’s smooth sailin’ at this moment.

350MB so far tonight and counting. Fare thee well, eMusic.

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  1. i found emusic to have music that was either years old or artists that were no longer sucessful and/or music that was obscure or just plain lacking of big name artists

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