So, prompted by Tom‘s comment, I went out to seek a trackball the other day. I spent a good chunk of time testing out all the meeces and trackballs and even keyboards at CompUSAur, to the point that the employees seemed worried about me spending too much time there. I’m like that… I spend way too much time deliberating purchases… I guess that’s better than impulse buying.

So I bought a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman… the one I had my eye on before I walked in the door anyway.

I must say, this thing roxxors.

It fits my hand like a glove, and is extremely comfortable to use. I found myself browsing web pages for a long time so I could just use the darned thing. It’s extremely precise and smooth.

Every time I get a new input device, I also wonder how I dealt with Apple’s one button mouse/trackpad for so long. I don’t really realize it until I experience the ease of use of these superior devices. Seven buttons… yeah, I know, I can get along just fine without all of em, but, it sure does make the job easier.

Oh, and a wireless trackball might sound kinda weird, since the trackball sits still on the desk anyway… but it really is all that and a bag of non-saturated-fat corn chips.

I am on my way to leading a wireless lifestyle.

But first, I feel like baking something. Cookies or banana bread, perhaps?

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