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Ugh. We all already know that MTV stopped being “Music Television” long ago. It’s so jam-packed with shallow reality shows, you can’t even get a glimpse of anything having to do with music when you turn to this forsaken channel at any given hour. Not like they really play anything substantial in the way of music anyways.

I was pretty disgusted when I saw press for the most recent addition to the reality show lineup: Rich Girls. The premise is that we follow around a couple of rich girls (read: snotty brats) and watch them spend money.

Whose idea of a good time was this piece of junk? These “look how priveleged we are” attitude of shows like Cribs and this one seem to be a hot item. What the heck does this mean? Are we really needing to live vicariously through these shallow people?

BAH. MTV has been spreading the wrong message for way too long, and have been way too successful at it.

Oops. I guess I just gave them more press. Hence, I cease this session of bitching. Le sigh.

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  1. i know. it is very very sad. these new reality shows are in my opinion mean spirited or very callous in tone. 5 years ago i never understood how someone could stop watching mainstream tv „1¤7 but i have done it for 2 years now. i watch sports and stuff and scan the guide for things i like but today’s tv world is sad.

    HOWEVER…i like cribs. Cribs is not mean spirited. It is genuinely interesting. Not all the stars are rich beyond comprehension. A lot of them have normal apts or houses (more or less). Watching Redman show off his huge porno collection was priceless…

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