cake and ice cream

So, um yeah, today is my date of birth.

*throws confetti*

It’s gotten to the point that I don’t keep track anymore, and didn’t even realize it was coming, except for family and friends reminding me starting a couple of weeks ago.

I remember being incredibly excited about birthdays when I was a wee one… then again, aren’t we all? The toys, the cake, the ice cream, the balloons! We are one year older, and we’re getting closer to being a “big kid”! We can’t wait to get older every single year…

…Then we hit a threshold of some sort, where the confetti and balloons fade away, and the birthdays seem to come too fast. Where did the time go?

I want to wish a happy birthday as well to the fine bloggers I share this day with: Christine, Jason, Virginia, Dave, Andre, Buzz and Jonathan!

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