Back in Time

Yup, we’re back.

This being my first trip overseas, I learned the delights of long-distance air travel. Bad movies, painful knees, and noisy neighbors. After spending, oh, 18-20 hours in airports, airplanes, lobbies, and buses, I arrived at the hotel room that K’s company had put him in, located in Ebisu. After a well-needed shower (and discovering the washlet toilet), I pretty much passed out cold on the bed. It was probably around 7pm on Thursday night.

K arrived to fetch me at around 8:15 so I could join him and few co-workers at dinner, which he was sure I didn’t want to miss. He’s right, I didn’t… but I was so incredibly tired, it took a lot of coaxing (and patience on his part) to get me up and moving. We went to Szechwan Restaurant CHEN at the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya… which, you might guess, was owned by Iron Chef Chen Kenichi. I sleepily munched my way through at least 8 courses (I think it must have been 10), which I will add, were really awesome. Dishes worthy of an Iron Chef: Jellyfish appetizer, sashimi, Sparrow’s Nest Soup, tiny lobsters (with apples and chestnuts) in a cream sauce, Shark Fin & Crab Brain Soup, Szechwan Pork with caviar, and more… needless to say, we were thankful that the company was to foot the bill. 😉

I passed out almost immediately after returning to the hotel, with a full stomach… happy that I was finally there, and a whole lot of fun awaited me in the coming days.

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