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Our plans for our trip to Japan in a few weeks are becoming more and more concrete. So far, we’re planning to people watch in Harajuku on Sunday, and visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka on Monday. Other possible plans include touring shrines and temples in Nikko, hitting a few game centers, and checking out uber-kawaii stores like Kiddy Land.

In related news, I was a bit disappointed (yet slightly amused with the irony) in finding out that forests were demolished to make way for the 2005 World Expo in Aichi Prefecture. The theme of the Expo? “Wisdom of Nature”. Sigh.

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  1. Three things:

    1)If you’re going to Nikko, you can’t miss the Tosho-gu shrine as well the the beautiful Shin-kyo Bridge.
    2)You should always carry your passports with you at all times. I’ve heard stories about people taken to the local precinct and having to write apology letters for not having their papers on them.
    3)If you’re flying into Tokyo-Narita, don’t take a cab into the city. It’s 41 miles away.

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