long tall weekend

One weekend day past, and I feel like we’ve packed enough activity into it for an entire weekend’s worth. Starting the day off with attending the Photo Fair at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, we grabbed a quick lunch at Erik’s and headed off to The City.

I have a feeling that seeing Gigantic is going to be the highlight of this weekend. I have been waiting for almost a freakin’ year to see this documentary about my favorite band of all time, They Might Be Giants. I was surprised to learn that this was Gretchen and Chris’ first time seeing a show at the renowned Castro Theater. It is so great to see the film with people that appreciate such a quality band as much as I. 😉 I HIGHLY recommend the film for any fan of TMBG, casual or rabid, to see… it is only playing until the 14th. Act now!

Oh, and on the way out from the theater, be sure to stop by Hot Cookie and check out a few of their, um, unique desserts. Let’s just say that it’s NSFW, and leave it at that. Oh, and let’s not forget the Peet’s, natch.

Top the night off with our regular Poker Night over in the East Bay, and we’re spent. Finally back home after a long day, and I’m freakin’ blogging instead of sleeping. Shows you where my priorities are…

G’nite everybody!

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