in excess

It is very easy, when in the company of good friends, to be in excess.

Tonight, I went with my friends, Mikey, Asa, Dave and my brother Brendon to Pyramid Brewery, and I easily slipped into uncharacteristic behavior.

No, nothing naughty, just for the record (and all the folks in the audience go, “Damn!”).

Uncharacteristic move number one: order a beer. I don’t even like beer all that much. Ask Mike, he knows (and I think he even blogged it). It just seems like the right thing to do in a place like Pyramid.

Uncharacteristic move number two: order a deep fried appetizer. I know how much my bro loves fried calamari, so I ordered a plate, and partaked (partook?) in a few pieces. I rarely eat fried food!

Uncharacteristic move number three: Burp incessantly at the table. I guess this ties in with Uncharacteristic Move Number One, but it warranted its own paragraph. Heck, it was a loud place, I was surrounded by guys, it was actually acceptable. Normally, not a thing to do in public, but perfectly normal at the Poker Table. Hmm. I need to exercise that at the next Poker Night.

Uncharacteristic move number four: Eat a rich dessert. Well, its not super uncharacteristic of me, but it is after a beer and fried appetizers. Trust me. A Super Chocolate Brownie Vanilla Ice Cream Fudge Sauce with Whipped Cream Delight (or something like that, I could be calling it the wrong name, ya think?) is oh-so-good, but oh-so-bad…

…Mostly because I find out a couple of hours later, I have a good-sized stomach ache. Call out the extra-strength Tums. I am tired, my digestive system is in an uproar, and I feel a headache coming on.

But I had fun tonight with good friends. And boy, did I need it.

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