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Last night, we met our record for bloggers at the monthly meetup! Now, if Guy was there, we woulda broken that record! Maybe next time. 😉

And how glad were we to be back at Coffee Society? The masses rejoiced.

May I recommend the double cosmopolitan on a warm summer evening? It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. David had a few drinks that looked mighty tasty too… which reminds me, I must try one (or two) of his local caffeine stops soon.

It was Kev‘s first meetup… it was actually an evening that he could attend, imagine that! Jon showed up for his second meetup in the South Bay… glad to see the circle growing a little!

Jim brought his color Hiptop for Mark and I to ooh and ahh at; and in turn, we moblogged a photo or two. He and Faisal showed up a wee bit fashionably late, but always welcome! We even had a passerby sit down with us and ask what all the ruckus was about! “What’s a blog?” You asked the wrong crowd! Ask Rich, he has a strong opinion on what a blog is!

Antwon brought a handful of his bumper stickers for us. I have yet to see any of the attendees from last night posting any photos of these strategically placed stickers! What’s taking you guys so long?

Elke had to depart a bit early (last bus, I assume?), but it is always a pleasure to see her. The evening ended with Jonas and Ealasaid practicing aikido in the parking lot. Street Fighter references ensued. Good times.

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