forbidden fruit

Damn. The new Apple Store in Walnut Creek opens tomorrow, and I didn’t even realize. I hear people are camped out in front of the store as I type this. That’s some crazy shit… especially for just a free t-shirt. Well, come to think of it, it’s similar to when IKEA opened in Emeryville, and people were camped out for days… now that’s some crazy shit if I ever saw any.

Walnut Creek is growing like a freakin’ weed, and there are always new stores opening up. It’s scary… I remember growing up in that town which didn’t seem to have a building over 3 stories high. Now it’s exploded into a bustling city of sorts.

But… argh. I had no idea that the Apple Store was opening up there until a few days ago. Argh. Argh. Arrrrrgh.

I will be in the WC area tomorrow, but not sure if I will make it out to the store… and I sure as hell am not going to make it to be one of the first thousand to get just a stinkin’ T-shirt. Anyone else planning on being there?

Oh, and BTW, did you hear that Oprah loves iPods, so she GAVE away 15GB iPods to everyone in her studio audience today? Double triple mega ARGH.

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  1. ARGH! I need to get on that show and get something good. argh argh argh, it’s time for bed now maybe tomorrow will be a better day

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