maus haus

Halfway done. Phew! My Japanese interview went off without much of a hitch, and my experimental photography images were very well received. W00t!

Amongst the madness of this week, there is something I am looking forward to… we’re going to Dizz Knee Land!

No, seriously. We’re heading on down to SoCal for a little sun, fun, and roller coasters. We (meaning K and I, my whole family, including my sister’s family, too!) leave early Thursday morning. My dad says 4AM, but I have my doubts. 😉 I think we’re supposed to meet up with the rest of the family at Andersen’s, and caravan down the rest of the way. Should be fun!

Our schedule for the vacation is pretty much packed, but if any of you SoCal bloggers out there are up for grabbing a drink on one of these days, gimme a holler. We should be in the area until Sunday mid-day.

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