bookin’ it

I still seem to be having a problem sitting down and reading a book. I mean, heck, I need to just make the time… just sit down and do it. One of my problems is that I get distracted too easily. If I’m reading at home, I am always worrying about this or that needs to get done. Either that, or I am reading in bed, and it’s only a few pages before I start to nod off.

I need to get my arse outta this house, go to the park or café with a good book, and just READ.

It’s been a while since a book has really piqued my interest. Especially ones of the fiction type. I read a lot of non-fiction, mostly because I like to learn new things, and the secondary reason being that I can leave a NF book for days, weeks (and admittedly, sometimes months) and still pick up where I left off quite easily. Hmm, I guess I did mention this before.

One book that I’ve been hearing a lot about is The DaVinci Code. A few people have mentioned to me, Gabe raved about it today, and it seems to be the smart kind of book I like. Anyone else out there read this book yet? I’m really curious about it. This may be the book that starts up my lost reading habit again.

There’s hope for me, yet.

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