Angel Adventure redux

The Angel Adventure this past Saturday was fun. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny with a cool breeze. 200-250 people showed up to walk, and we basically took over the Embarcadero from Pac Bell Park to the Ferry Building, where we enjoyed the sampling of fresh foods at the Farmer’s Market and headed back to the ballpark.

Once again, I express a TON of gratitude to everyone out there in the blogosphere and beyond that donated to this cause. The walk made over $107,000 total in donations!

We had a fun afternoon, visiting Joe at the hospital, having some awesome Mediterranean pizza at Pasquale’s Pizzeria in the Sunset, and really rich desserts in the Castro with Gretchen and Chris. It felt good after a day of walking in the sun, to just relax, watch some Family Guy and hold an informal Tetris face-off. 😉

All weekends should be this much fun!

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