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I almost forgot (again… yeah, I need to put these things into my Visor)… Happy Boy’s Day!

May brings the reminder that in Japan, as in the United States, one of a nation’s greatest assets is her children. May 5 is “Children’s Day” in Japan, the day to stress the importance of respecting the character of children and promoting their health and happiness. It is also the day for children to express their gratitude for the tender love and care they receive from their parents.

it is tradition to hang koi-nobori (carp streamers) and buy samurai dolls on this day. Well, along with eating mochi, of course. 😉

The day is traditionally known as Boy’s Day in Japan, although as of late, is is known as “Childrens Day”. Call it what you want… have a good one!

(thanks to MeFi for reminding me, heh)

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