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Woo, I struck a chord with that last entry. I guess everyone likes to talk about food. 😉

All of your comments made me want to add more to my list. I guess I can say that my list is not limited to what I’ve already shared. I have a diverse taste in cuisines, and I’ll try almost anything once.

Well, besides dinuguan (blood stew) and balut (half-incubated fowl in a boiled egg). To quote Mike Meyers in So I Married an Axe Murderer, I believe that most Filipino cuisine was created on a dare. 😉

I’ll eat the adobo, the pancit, and of course, the lumpia and most of the desserts. But the rest is best off staying a mystery to me.

What dishes of your culture are you reluctant to try?

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  1. Hays, KS has a strong Volga-German heritage. A popular food here is called rawburger, which is exactly what it is. Uncooked hamburger with spices. Oh and mountain oysters are common as well. I don’t eat beef or pork but even if I did I would not try either.

    My ancestory if French and Welsh if I go back far enough. I do like french fries and french toast. 😉 I don’t know of any Welsh foods though.

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