whiny cheese heads


G hosted a wonderful cheese and wine shindig last night. Or as we also like to call it, “come over to my house and help empty my liquor cabinet” night. Stinky cheese and dizzying wines were consumed in mass quantities. I’m a sucker for food and wine parties. Oh, not to mention the indulgent yummy chocolate cheesecake homemade by G (no, no pie this time!).

We brought the Wenselydale. 😉

pictures to follow for your bandwidth consumption.

G makes a toast to celebrate their liberation from the crutches of employment.

Robert Scoble drinks to his red pill consumption.

A toasted toast to Easter, 4/20 and Hitler’s Birthday… don’t ask. I think Cheyenne is puzzled too 😉

talk of stinky cheeses.

Thanks to the Pirillos for a lovely evening, and I am so glad I finally got to see Cheyenne, Min Jung (with hobbit boy Chris) and Vince in the flesh as well. Good times. Good buzz.

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