it’s in the snail

Did I ever mention to you, dear reader, how much I love receiving mail? No, not email, but you know, snail mail. I picked up my mail today, and it was certainly brightened by a handful of personal mail. There’s something about handwritten communication that still has its charm, y’know?

Thanks to the folks over at Killoggs, I’ve really gotten into exchanging postcards with people. Wanna get on my list? Send me a postcard!

Courtney P.
[address redacted]

I also love swapping mix CDs. Ever since Interchange was temporarily disabled a few months ago, I’ve been aching for some new music.

Basically, send me something, and I’ll send you something equivalent in return. Within reason, of course. I don’t want to arrive to a PO Box full of Jell-o and pr0n… although some people might really enjoy that kinda thing… 😉

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