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I can’t describe how excited I am about the experimental photography class I am taking this quarter. It’s the bomb-schniggety.

It’s more of an “Alternative Processes” class, or more specifically, “Historical Processes”. It’s just that the school and its catalog calls it “experimental”. Bah, words, they just confuse you. 😉

Anyways, to clarify, we are learning photographic processes that were popular in photography’s birth and growth, when there was experimentation with different light sources, chemicals and materials to get a photographic image. Keep in mind that the term “photographic image” does not necessarily mean a capture of a scene that the photographer saw with his/her eyes, but an image created with light. The word “Photography” comes from the Greek word “phos” which means “light”, and “graphein” which is the Greek word for “write”.

Er, that’s enough teaching for now. ^_^;;

My point being, I am looking forward to making works of art that aren’t just straight photographs (snapshots?). Ya dig?

Anyhoo, I checked out the book Alternative Photographic Processes from the library the other day. It includes a lot of processes that we are to cover in class, like enlarged negatives, solarizing, toning, cyanotypes, Van Dyke prints & Kallitypes, and gum bichromate prints. We’re also going to be working with Liquid Light during the course, which looks to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, this is only a quarter-length class, so we cannot cover the many other processes. I would like to try my hand at daguerreotypes someday…

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