Wired News talks about an up-and-coming third-party mac manufacturer today. Is this a project doomed for the circular file?

I was one of the many saddened by the shutdown of the mac clone-licensing six years ago. It was a bummer, with cool companies like PowerComputing in the running. I fondly remember the above campaign… who doesn’t? 😉

The iBox is really lovely looking. It’s flat like a pizza box, has all the amenities (firewire, airport, USB, gigabit ethernet), and the kicker… it’s upgradable. Consumers demand a machine like this, and it looks to start at 250-350 US$. BTOs between 650-2000 US$.

Sounds too good to be true! But alas, it just might be that.

As cool as the iBox sounds, I have serious doubts that Apple will back it up. Their notorious reputation for monopoly overshadows all. Or maybe it’s just Steve’s reputation.

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One thought on “iSkeptical”

  1. shouldn’t TINA stand for TINA Is Not Apple? (instead of This Is Not Apple?)

    looks cute though.

    i was the proud owner of a PowerComputing box. it served me well. and in its final days it ran LinuxPPC! 🙂

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