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I visited my family yesterday after work, since this particular job is in the East Bay. It’s pretty nice to get to see them on a regular basis… sure beats being three thousand miles away, that’s for sure.

I did get to see my brother’s new Windows box, which is pretty sweet. It was about darned time that they upgraded, because my family usually waits at least 5 years before upgrading. The horror! It certainly made him pretty happy, especially since it resides in his room.

When I went to take a look at it, he was playing Command and Conquer Generals. This was basically my first look at the game in play. It made me gripe again about the a big issue I have with the mac platform… we have an extreme lack of games available for our platform. Bah. What to do?

Well, at least we have a windows machine here that is used solely for gaming. But I think it’s due for an upgrade or two. 😉

*sigh* I’ll just go play Tropico for a little while…

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