but does she talk?

quick random thoughts for the moment while I have a minute (I’m at work):

  • crepes are freakin’ awesome.
  • sleep is even better.
  • I need my allergy meds. like now.
  • my Snapple cap says, “The average American will eat 35,000 cookies during his/her lifetime”. I beg to differ.
  • I still need a haircut.
  • behold the power of cheese. I can’t get enough of it. Seriously.
  • I need to get back to work.

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0 thoughts on “but does she talk?”

  1. First: I rather like your hair. I’m a fan of long hair. Of course, I’ve never HAD long hair myself and I’m told it’s a royal pain. Er…so ignore me. 🙂

    Second: I’ve noticed we have a lot in common in terms of music and movies. TMBG make up the majority of my playlist here, and I’ve been torn between learning Japanese so I can go buy CB: The Movie and actually understand it without having to read subtitles, or wait until its theatrical release in the U.S.. (Are you as excited as I am?)

    Third: Uh, hi! Long-time lurker, but too shy to post. Started up my own blog and noticed how much better everyone elses is. Stumbled across yours a few weeks ago and added it to my daily net routine. Big fan of Chris (the original Lockergnome), but won’t be attending Gnomedex because of the aforementioned shyness…and I’m just not good with people.

    Fourth: I itemize too much.


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