Birthday Wishes

Before the clock strikes, I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to Astroboy! His birthdate was determined as 7 April 2003 by Ozamu Tezuka back in 1951.


For those not in the know, Astroboy represents the coming of age of Japanese Animation (a.k.a. “Anime”).

As an added treat on this day, trailers of the new and upcoming TV series of Astroboy have been released.

An article in the NYTimes discusses the impact of Astroboy on anime, pop culture, and the Japanese influence in the entertainment industry. Go check it out!

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One thought on “Birthday Wishes”

  1. indeed, astro boy is the shizzle.

    my fav manga are Ranma 1/2 and Love Hina for some strange reason. how did that happen?

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