baker’s dozen 2.06

This weekend’s Baker’s Dozen

  1. where is that thing? I guess I’ll just clean my desk…
  2. fries well done
  3. scattegories and angel food cake… two great tastes that go great together.
  4. Cupertino Sakura Matsuri
  5. mmm… garlic dips.
  7. gained a whole dollar at poker. hey, it’s better than losing it all.
  8. thin n’ chewy buttermilk pancakes
  9. We have our own lost and found area at our house.
  10. shopping cart traffic jam at mondo-safeway.
  11. Getsuyobi shiken ga arimasu. Sore de, ichinichiju benkyoo shimasu.
  12. “You know, Chinese dish and cheese don’t go together very well”.

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