these are my people

Those Filipinos, dey’s wacky peoples. *sigh* I love my heritage.

No confession thru texting
from the The Philippine Star

( via BoingBoing via Tom Bridge)

Despite advances in modern communications technology, the Catholic faithful still have to confess face-to-face with the vicars of Christ this Lenten season, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) secretary general Hernando Coronel said yesterday.

Coronel said confessions sent via text messaging or other means of modern communication, like e-mail and fax machines, are “unacceptable.”

OMGLOLOLOL J00 H4V3 S1NN3D!!!!!!!!111

I wonder how the faxed confessionals work? I’m surprised that people fax ’em, seeing that they already use email and SMS. I mean, really… FAX? How early 90’s is THAT?

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