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it’s about damn time

The unnamed tablet system — featuring an 8.4″ backlit TFT-display and built-in Airport Extreme — will be marketed as a ‘Home Portable’ and will be targeted towards a specific demographic of users who want the portability of laptop but who do not require the power or diversity of Apple’s current portable offerings.

This is pretty durned exciting, we (and I mean mac users, hee) have been waiting for this for a long time. I want a more powerful tablet mac, though… this one seems like it will be the iBook of tablet computers. I think a more powerful prosumer model will sell better than a typical consumer model. I wonder if this will make the Newton geeks re-surface. I assume that this tablet will utilize the Inkwell technology… it’s the natural next step.

On another note, I wonder what quirky name this little project will get? Anyone know the code name(s) for it?

(via Lockergnome)

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