puttin' on the ritz

My dad has had a moustache even before I was born. Heck, even before my older sister was born. The only pictures I have seen of him without it were in his Navy days, and when he was a wee lad (of course). It’s his thing, his trademark… everyone who knows him has always known his smiling moustached face.

dad1.jpg momdad.jpg

Nothing has prepared me for the shock of what he did this morning (sent to me by my sister).

I’m guessing he’s having fun with it over spring break (he’s goin’ to Disneyland, Vegas, and parts in between with Mom and Bro). Mom doesn’t know yet, she’s at work. I wish I could be there for the unveiling.

Hmm, I wonder if he should consult The Moustache Database as he grows it back. A new style, perhaps…? Eh, I think not. We want our fuzzy lipped father back. 😉

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