I am *so* diggin’ my iPod… I just haven’t gotten to use it a lot this week. Bah!

I did get to use it pretty extensively last weekend, when we drove down to Monterey for a day… it was pretty sweet to have all that music right there in the car, using our old cassette adapter for the discman. Such a luxury to have all these artists, genres, moods, mixes and spoken word at my fingertips while on the road.

That way, I can listen to Brak singing the bean song anytime I want. ^_^

I got myself an iSee case earlier this week, and I’m diggin’ it… it’s hard molded plastic (the same plastic used in the G4 tower case) that lets you view the beauty of the iPod in all its glory.

God, I’m such a mac geek… I was worried about covering it’s ultra cool looking body.

(there’s a joke somewhere in there, I know…)

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