Over the river and through the woods

yesterday, we finally went geocaching again. I wonder again, why did I take such a long hiatus from this activity?

We went to Sanborn-Skyline Park and took a lovely, low impact hike through the redwoods. It was pretty apparent that the recent storms had taken a big toll on the forests… lots of fallen trees, debris everywhere. But still, the majestic redwoods never cease to make me stare up in awe.

We went and found the appropriately named “Sanborn Cache”… there aren’t too many other caches in this park because of the tree cover (bad GPS reception). The park is well deserving of more activity, I think it is a well-kept secret here in the south bay. I will definitely go back there.

My faith has been restored. I’m pretty darned happy to be in California again.

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  1. Hi,

    Sounds like fun, ive only ever seen pictures of them redwood tree’s!

    As for being in california, well its 4 degree’s over here so I know where I would rather be! 🙂

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