one more small thing…

My first generation Titanium Powerbook has seen its days. It has served me well.

But I hold a deep, dark(?) secret. I have been wishing an iBook for a long time… only because it was compact and sturdy, but I was not willing to sacrifce my G4 for a G3. Woe was me. I have had to handle my Ti very carefully, be sure no one breathed heavily on it, and basically treated it like it was my first born child.

Ah, but with the announcement of the drool-worthy new PowerBooks, I am in a funk no longer. I’m really tempted by the 12″ BTO with a SuperDrive.

Ah, Titanium. You have served me well. Now it’s time for your younger, more powerful sibling to take the throne.

I *just* paid off my Apple Loan from the Ti, too. The loud sucking sound that is Apple taking my money away shall continue. I think I’m gonna sell the Ti (which, I will add, has a year of AppleCare left on it)… if you’re interested, do let me know.

Am I such a geek to get all giddy at the sight of Steve digging that baby out earlier today?

Answer: Yes.

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