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I feel slow and sluggish this morning. Maybe I feel that way every day when I wake up, but maybe I’m just more aware of it right now since I’m writing about how I feel at this moment.

I just woke up.

Last night, I had a really good Barbeque Chicken Pizza with Andy and Mish in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose. With K out of town, I was feeling a bit lonely, so I solicited their company. I’m weak. Oh man, that pizza was good. Smoked provolone, red onions and all. Mmm.

Oh crap, I think I left the leftovers in my trunk. Ah well, it’s prolly still okay.

Mish works at 5am and Andy has a day job, so I stopped bugging them at about quarter to ten. I started driving to Palo Alto to head in the general direction of Stanford.

Ben had left a few voice mails for me telling me that him and his crew were hanging out at shitty bars. Sounds entertaining. Besides, I was more intent on just meeting him… we still hadn’t met in RL just yet.

So after getting completely LOST in Palo Alto (the trees everywhere make every single corner look the same in the dark, not to mention the shitty cell phone reception) and driving around for maybe 45 minutes, I found the dive that they had settled upon, and found Ben in the parking lot. Yay!

He was hanging out with the staff from the computer camp that he teaches at Stanford. These poor people hardly ever venture outta Palo Alto. Pretty sad… I need to get him outta that vicinity, since they mostly seem to be from outta town. Palo Alto is really um, weird. It’s a college town, but it’s full of yuppies and cafés and trendy high priced shops.

It was weird walking back to the car a couple hours later… Ben made a statement that it was like walking through Disneyland when it was closing. It frightened me to think how true that statement actually was… I was waiting to hear the Mickey Mouse Club song. After dropping him off, I headed straight outta that town… I really didn’t want to spend any more time watching guys in tight polo shirts walk around.

Then home. Bed. Good.

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