Monday Mission 2.33

I like to do Monday Mission out of all the dailies, since I just like PromoGuy. 🙂

1. Many children have blankets, or a favorite nubby stuffed animal that they like to keep near them for security. Do you recall what you had for your “security blanket” as a child? When did you finally give it up? What brought that about?
I had a blanket. Yes, I know, very run-of-the-mill, but yes, I had a blanket. My blankie was more affectionately known as “Quee-Quee” (“kwee kwee”), and I slept with it all the way through junior high, I think… although I think I stopped dragging it around everywhere pretty early in childhood. It got to the point that Quee-Quee was just sitting on the side of my bed while I slept, and it eventually found its way on the floor, under the bed. It was a gradual thing.

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2. Now that you are a big kid, what do you have to give you that same sense of security?
I have a nice warm boyfriend to keep me company. And he hugs back!

3. With a little over four months left in 2002, have you accomplished everything you wanted to for the year? Is there anything that you would like to accomplish before the year is over?
Hmm. I don’t remember making any firm goals at the beginning of the year, besides losing a little weight. I did lose 10 pounds, but gained 5 back after all the stress of moving from Hawaii to California. I would like to be completely settled by the end of the year… we still have a garage full of boxes, and the house seems a bit undone. I also want to be either back in school part time while working, or taking classes full time. I want to keep expanding my mind.

4. What modern convenience, if any, do you think it would be good for children today to do without? What would they gain?
I think kids could do without cell phones. They really don’t need them, and it just seems just plain silly to see them walking around with phones, calling each other between classes. It’s so absurd, I wouldn’t have imagined this many years ago. I would also say that kids could probably do without game consoles so they would play outside, but I’m a product of the arcade generation and shouldn’t really speak. 😉

5. Many of us have one thing in which we believe we excel. What do you do better than most?
I think I do a pretty good job of sustaining creativity while working in predominantly technical fields. I always try to feed my creative side… drawing, shooting pictures, cooking… as well as going to art museums and galleries. I think it’s important to keep encouraging creativity in the face of the high-tech corporate world. This isn’t really a talent, but I think I do it pretty well.

6. What High School “clique” did you find yourself in? Was it by choice or did it just happen? Did you look down on other groups?
Kind of a mix between the geeks and the asians. My high school was pretty white bread, in a very well-to-do suburb. I spent a lot of time talking comics, cartoons and video games with my geeky frieds, but also enjoyed hanging out with the minorities of filipinos, koreans, japanese and chinese… we didn’t intend to be a group or clique, but we just ended up being able to relate to each other very well.

7. (it begins) I have great news! I won the contest and we now have plane tickets to anywhere in the world. The bad news is we have to pick a place now and leave in the morning. I can’t decide where to go, so you get to pick. Where should we go, and what is the first thing we should do when we get there?
I think you asked me this before, and I think I said Spain. I speak well enough spanish to get by, and I would love to experience the culture, art and food there. I have no idea what I’d want to do when we get there, but I’d love to just soak in the sun.

BONUS: Must I beg you?
You ain’t too proud to beg.

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