a meme, it seems

Got this idea from fairvue and many other places.

According to Google, I am the following…

Courtney is clinging to propaganda.
Courtney is doll parts.
Courtney is leaving Ally McBeal.
Courtney is paralyzed from the waist down.
Courtney is a master craftsperson.
Courtney is a most glorious Heavenly Handbag!
Courtney is an attractive 12 year old with green eyes and light brown hair.
Courtney is Laura Palmer.
Courtney is a very intelligent, playful dog and understands a lot of words.
Courtney is a “supah hep cat” and she doesn’t look like a rat!
Courtney is situated less than 70 metres from Lake Taupo.
Courtney is a proven winner in barrels and poles.
Courtney is running for class president against Shannon.
Courtney is becoming a player on the international scene.
Courtney is the best sidekick Diaz is ever going to find.
Courtney is an analyst who is preparing a high-profile report on countries and companies that may have shipped weapons to Iraq before 1991.
Courtney is obviously rich and thinks up in herself.
Courtney is now comparing a 2-digit and a 3-digit number.
Courtney is spewing a version of fundamentalist, basic, nobody-else-but-me-is-right religion.
Courtney is a ball-busting, high-powered divorce attorney.
Courtney is an amateur ornithologist.
Courtney is thinking about the exact same thing in this picture.
Courtney is a much better 3-point shooter than last year’s numbers indicate.
Courtney is based on the fingerprint of any scanner, including SATAN.

Betcha didn’t know that.

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