Onward and upward

I’ve made a decision.

I am gonna dive into freelancing again, and see where it gets me. I have a few clients and a few potential ones lined up, so it’s a start. Now is the time for me to get heavily into self promotion, spiffying up my resume and doing some hard core research about the current market.

With this decision has come another… to make this here site (the one you are currently soaking in, Madge) my business site, centering on my portfolio, resume, and other professional doodads. So watch for my new personal site, geeky chick dot net, coming soon (there’s nothing there right now, but hey, it’s extra krispy. yum!).

If this whole freelancing thing falls through (which I hope it doesn’t), you’ll see me with my nose in the classifieds. Again.

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I made this.

One thought on “Onward and upward”

  1. wow, nice work, getting that domain. i’d have thought it’d be taken. 🙂 it’s nifty. good luck finding gigs … my general sense is that the economy’s heading up a bit around here, or at least not down, so you ought to be able to snag a thing or two.

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