Sugar Frosted

Hoppy Easter. Bawk bawk!

It was like any other Sunday. Slept in, made pancakes for breakfast, did the laundry, took an afternoon nap.

And then I spent a good deal of the day making Easter Cookies.

I did all right, considering I was out of disposable pastry bags, and only had 4 colors to work with. But that’s not a big deal. All these cookies will probably disappear within a few days anyways!

We’re preparing for the big move. Got the crap together for a garage sale in two weeks, purged purged purged. Garage sales attract… interesting people. The wacky ones come super early and act like stalkers… sitting in their cars in the light of the sunrise, watching your every mood. I’m not looking forward to the bargaining, either, heh.

Hmm. We need a link. Funny news is good.

Enjoy your week. 🙂

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