Pins and Needles

Kevin’s back home today, and he thinks everything went well. Hopefully things are starting to come together, although the uncertainty remains.

I’m glad he’s back, because for some reason, I sleep uncomfortably when he’s away. Last night I fell asleep on my arm and it was full of pins n’ needles when I woke up in the middle of the night. It’s so weird when your arm loses all feeling and it just kinda flops around until blood flow is restored.

Anyhoo… we went to see Ice Age after grabbing a couple of Frappuccinos. A lot of good laughs to be had at this flick, and I think it’ll do well. Gee, too bad that Fox shut down their animation studios.

Oh yeah, that Toy Commercial of a Trailer for Star Wars Episode II was shown. Heh.

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  1. the arm thing happens to me a lot. i always have the same half-awake thought: uh-oh, this time i’ve done it: i won’t get my arm back. 🙂

    i do wonder, though: what would happen if you didn’t wake up to get the blood moving again?

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