Work is getting better. I now don’t have to wear the uniform, people are listening to me, and I feel respected. A lot better than the first week or two.

Ah yes, It will be sweet when the paycheck arrives mid-month. My first two weeks were on a contract basis, and they decided to tack that pay onto my first salary check. So a month’s worth of pay in one check… it’ll give me the illusion of a fat paycheck. 😉

My days are incredibly full, and the day practically jets by. I think that’s a good thing… much better than sitting at home, trying to figure out what was next. I am a bit wistful that I do not blog as much as I used to, but I think I am alright with it. I dunno, maybe I just need to AudioBlog or Moblog more often.


Real life has been calling lately, and you know, it ain’t so bad.

Getting back into the workforce, although it being a bit of grunt work, is good. I’m interacting with more people on a daily basis, and being productive.

In retrospect, I believe that I am the worst boss I’ve ever had.
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Back to Work

Thanks for all your well wishes regarding my annoying as hell illness. Seems like it’s definitely invaded my chest, and I’m constantly coughing up lungs. Not really a pretty mental image, but hey, it’s honest.

The Medicine Head effect I’m experiencing as a result of decongestants is really… um, enlightening. Weeee…

As unproductive as I’ve been in the past few days, something productive has happened… I have a job. You heard me right… a JOB. A Job jobby job.
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Short Attention Span Theatre

Last night, I had dinner with Mary (visiting from D.C… she wrote the article I mentioned a couple of weeks ago), Loren and his girlfriend, Kelly.

We had a discussion about how much time we have on our hands (or lack of), as well as how our attention spans have been affected by technology. We agreed that with ‘net access in the workplace, we find ourselves surfing the web, firing up AIM, or sending personal e-mails more often that we normally would. It was also agreed upon that our attention spans are a whole lot shorter when we are working, with the urge to check e-mail or check someone’s blog coming to us every 15 minutes, or even less.

I realize that this is a sticky issue in most workplaces, with a lot of supervisors cracking down on personal internet use in the office. Some may argue that surfing the web during work hours is a nice break from the humdrum of the normal work day, and in turn, can make them more productive. Some people are able to use their willpower, and don’t surf the web unless it is their coffee break time or lunchtime. Some people flat out abuse their employer’s bandwidth.

How does your workplace handle this? Are they strict or relaxed about your use of internet access in the office? Are there screening procedures in use?

I know, personally, that it is becoming increasingly hard for me to do much work with high-speed access everywhere. I also recognize the fact that when I had a full time office job, I was surfing the ‘net more (and blogging on a more regular basis) than I did on days that I was at home… I guess that it helped that I had a fairly relaxed and liberal workplace at that time.

When (and if) I secure another full time job, I hope that I am kept busy enough that I am not tempted to waste time away surfing and messaging. Besides, I prefer to be busy.

Idle hands are the devil’s playground… or something.

I’ve Got Work to Do

Today, I pressed on with the job search. My daily scrub of Craigslist has so far proved fruitless.

I stopped to get a coffee this afternoon while I pondered today’s classifeds in the Merc and sat next to another woman who was furiously filling out job applications. As I sipped my latte (iced, natch, on a day like today), I whipped out today’s classified section and started perusing the front page… not the employment section just yet, but to see if there were any cheap file cabinets for sale (we are in dire need of one at our house).

The woman looked over at what I was doing. She was about my age, and seemed very friendly.

“May I ask what you are looking for?” She inquired.

A valid question. I told her that I was looking for office furniture, although my primary objective was to look at the job listings. This sparked a conversation about our respective fields (she is a psych grad looking to go into occupational therapy, as I talked about the tech field) and the lack of jobs in the valley.

She was applying to anywhere she could grab an application from… retail, foodservice, and more. I looked at her table, on which there were a stack of applications fro various places. I am starting to think that maybe I am being too choosy, and should be thankful that anyone is considering hiring me, even if it’s a job I wouldn’t normally consider.

I’m always frustrated by some of the ridiculous requirements that some jobs have. I know, I don’t have a degree, but my skills have been honed in the workplace, and I have learned so much more while working than I have at any school. I now feel like I am behind the times because I am not getting any training. It’s very very frustrating.

So if you’re looking someone to fill a position at your office… someone who’s a bit geeky, but a fast learner, creatively and technically inclined… or just need a helping hand here in the Silly Valley… give me a hoot.

It’s worth a shot, I guess. 😉