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After lots of back and forth, I’ve finally finished migrating web hosts, setting up my new domain name, and transferred all my content. Please roll out the welcome mat for my blog’s new home at!

Also of note: I’ve migrated my food blog to Courtney’s Bar and Kitchen, take a look if you’re interested in seeing all the food I cook and consume.

A blogger’s work is never done, though. I’m still continuing to edit tags, categories, fixing broken images, etc. But now that the most challenging part of the migration is behind me, I’m hoping to be posting here more often now.

As a long-time blogger, one of the ongoing issues for me is being self-conscious about my past content, and dare I say, about the person I used to be. I look back at some of the old entries I wrote, and sometimes I don’t even recognize the person who wrote them.

But then I think, that’s all a part of who I was, and those experiences led me to who I am today. So the content stays… for now. And the beauty of this being my blog is that I can always change my mind about that later. 😉

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  1. I can certainly relate to that self-conscious feeling. Sometimes when I am looking for something on my site I come across an entry I wrote at a very different time in my life. But I try to replace my self-conscious feeling with one of appreciation for how I have changed as a result of more experience with the world and with writing. I’m grateful that there is a difference between now-me and then-me.

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