The Weekend that Made Me Sick

I had a pretty full weekend, and maybe I’m still recovering, because here I am writing this on a Tuesday. The biggest indicator of my fatigue is the fact that I seem to have come down with a nasty bug, that came down on me pretty fast and hard.

Friday, I forfeited my ticket to see Serenity with the crowd that was going to the Metreon because I wanted to watch more of the series before jumping into the movie. Instead, I met up with my pal Arnie at Zeitgeist after figuring out we couldn’t go to the ol’ Hush Hush because it closed in August. Met some new people, which was cool… Zeitgeist’s environment is very conducive to that, with its huge backyard area. I was also pleasantly surprised when Eddie showed up in response to my Dodgeball that I had sent when we arrived. Proof that Dodgeball really does work! Later that evening, we headed over to the Cat Club, where one of Arn’s friends was spinning. Pretty fun times, had a new drink, the Washington Apple martini shot or something? I dunno, I didn’t order it.

concerty goodnessSaturday, after puttering around at home a little bit, I met up with Andy and Eddie at Little Star Pizza, in turn meeting Tommy and Lindsay, who had originally suggested this place for dinner because of its killer jukebox (which, BTW, did not disappoint!). Oh, and the food was tasty too. Two medium deep-dish pizzas were way more than enough for us.

With full bellies, we walked on over to The Independent, where the reason that brought us together in the first place, Mike Doughty, was performing that night. We had a rockin’ time… Doughty puts on a great show, and he did some pretty cool covers, like Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf and GnR’s Paradise City. It was also pretty neat that I ran into South Bay Blogger Rich after the show. The blogiverse is indeed small.

Afterwards, it was to Bar 821 where I sampled an interesting lychee soju cocktail and a coupla Leffes. Some folks sat next to us that apparently worked for Microsoft? Freakin’ weird to hear random people talking about podcasting and feeds and stuff. So again, Dodgeball worked, and we found ourselves joined by MJ and her new roomie, Sergio. 821 closes its doors at like 11-12ish, so then it was over to Fly Bar for more chattin’. I think I’d had enough at that point and headed home after everyone else finished their libations.

Castro St. Fair PosseSunday, Ernie came by our pad and we all walked down to the Castro Street Fair. We got to visit the secret slides very briefly on our way down, which are pretty cool. I wondered out loud if someone would run a water hose down the slides during the summer, that’d be even cooler. The fair was pretty neat, a good crowd but not overwhelming. Lotsa interesting booths and performances to see there… but I think that people watching is the best part of events such as these. We eventually met up with Donny, Matte, and a whole slew of other guys… it’s funny that everyone seemed to know each other as we walked down the street, but also pretty cool (“That’s what you get for hanging out with a bunch of gay men in The Castro,” Ernie says). I have lotsa pictures from the fair, go lookie.

That evening was the EFF‘s 15th birthday bash, and I decided to check it out. Although I wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect, I was happy to ran into folkses such as Scott (who brought his mom!), Niall, Jake, Jackson, Nicole, Eddie, MJ and Sergio. There was a really great jazz/swing band playing that I failed to get the name of, and there was some tasty Mexican food catered that I gladly partook in. Jake has posted a buncha great photos from the party, and I slack on posting mine.

Way full weekend. Much more so than I’m used to. I get tired just writing about it.

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