Weekend Run-down

I realize that it’s weekend update time, but I’m gonna settle for a bulleted list entry, because I don’t really have a lot of time or energy at the current moment…

pic by Matt
  • Friday was Eris’ elegant 25th birthday gala. Although I skipped out on the dinner portion, I was able to enjoy the post-dinner lounging at Mr. Smith’s. Good crowd, okay venue. It’s always fun to have an excuse to dress up. We waited for-ucking-ever for a cab afterwards, but it’s all good… gives one time to sober up a little. 😉
  • Saturday, I had some rare chill time to kick back and enjoy a fantastically crafted latte at the underappreciated Pacific Bay Coffee Co. in Walnut Creek. I really can’t sing enough praises about this place, and unfortunately, they have had to cut back their hours because they haven’t been getting enough support.
  • Had a dinner and meeting with the Joe Ferguson fundraiser committee, the last meeting we have before the actual event on November 5th. It looks to be a great event, we have a lot of great items for our silent auction, yummy food, and the casino night is always a way fun time. Please consider attending if you are in the area… contact me if ya have any questions.
  • Helped Gwen‘s boyfriend Chad ring in his 23rd birthday with shots at midnight over at Radio Bar in Oaktown… man, there are certainly a lot of Libras around, aren’t there? I got there early on my way back from my meeting, and chatted for a while with this pretty cool dude that was playing with his PSP at the bar. I love seeing PSPs in the wild… I was pretty tickled that someone would go to a bar to drink a few beers and play PSP games. So anyway, the goal for the night was accomplished, to get Chad dancin’ on the bar. Rock. It was cool to hang in Oakland for once… I don’t do it enough, hopefully I’ll do it again sometime soon.
  • Sunday was a late brekkie at Crepevine and an afternoon spent finally unpacking all the boxes in my room. I got a lot done, and it felt pretty good to see my room free of boxes and assorted moving stuff. Now to attack the rest of the apartment… oh, and BTW, housewarming looks to be on November 19th, save the date!
  • Sunday night, the roomie and I went out to pier 48 for the haunted house that was being hosted there. It was overpriced and pretty lame… not a lot going on inside, and it wasn’t very creative innovative. To top it off, we got a parking ticket because we were parked in poorly marked private property. So that the night wasn’t a total loss, we responded to Eris’ and Ryan‘s dodgeballs at the Metreon and drowned our sorrows in tasty desserts.

Just wanted to have some sort of chronicle for this past weekend, so there I have it, not necessarily compelling reading.

So now, I must allow myself to have a cup of coffee.

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