I have a knack for posting my weekend updates on Tuesday, don’t I? Meh, I blame my illness most of all.

As much as I wanted to stay in and nurse teh sickness, I had a coupla big events to attend this weekend. Luckily, I was able to take it fairly slow in the earlier part of both days, but still… I moved slowly through all of it.

Download festivalSaturday was the first ever Download Festival US over at the ginormous Shoreline Amphitheater. I’m always wary of these large music festivals, because I really detest large venues in which you hafta resort to watching video screens instead of the people on stage. Luckily, Brendon acted quickly when the tickets went on sale and we got some decent seats from where we could actually see the expressions on the faces of the performers. I mostly wanted to go to see my pal Andy perform with the Extra Action Marching Band, and see Arcade Fire live yet again, cos they simply rule live. I was hoping to catch Every Move a Picture earlier in the day, but unfortunately, we missed them.

What I came away with from Download was the same opinion I went in with… large venues are teh suck. Yeah, the indie snob in me comes out, wondering what happened to so-and-so band’s small club days, wishing I was somewhere like Bottom of the Hill and paying dozens of dollars less. This is an entirely different rant that deserves another entry. Another time…

On Sunday, Tal and Mish came up from the South Bay for a visit. We grabbed some food at the Firewood Cafe and then made our way to GGP to catch the last few hours of Comedy Day. The comedians’ sets were short, but pretty entertaining. It turned out to be a combination comedy & air show, since we had the Blue Angels flying around and above us the whole time. We got to see Greg Proops perform, which was pretty cool, but again, not really a long enough set. What I liked about Comedy Day is that most of the comedians had local-centric material, for most of them have roots here in the Bay Area.

That evening, Jason and I made a speed IKEA run for some household stuffs before heading off to Zachary’s for dinner with the Casa Arguello folkses. I still wasn’t feeling all that great, so we headed home and I watched disc two of Firefly in bed till I nodded off to a Nyquil-induced slumber.

It was really too much activity for someone as sick as I have been, but I had a good weekend. Now to get rid of this nagging cough…

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