Still Illin'

Yeah, I’m still sick, going on almost two weeks now! Saw the doctor yesterday, and fortunately, she said that it’s viral… unfortunately, she said I have probably another week left to tough out.

I have a ton of crap to take care of that suffered while I’ve been fighting this illness. The most important thing being my photos for Lap-POP next week… I’m the sole visual artist for this event, so no pressure, really. 😀 I’m sure everything will come together within these next coupla days… I’ve been toiling over it this week, so I hope it turns out okay.

That said, come to the event! I’d be happy to see ya there, it’ll be a fun time.

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  1. Aww! Wow two weeks is quite awhile for a flu. At least 3 other people I know are having the same thing. Well, drink lots of fluids, and rest up, okay? Hope you get better!

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