Hot on the heels (pun sorta intended) of the chick time last night, I went out and did something pretty girly this afternoon.

Some co-workers defined today as “Flip Flop Friday” (even though I actually do wear them frequently anyway) and then we went out for pedicures during a long lunch break.

My feet feel all soft and my toes look so nice and neat. It’s kinda nice.

Yeah, I guess the girl tendencies are really showing right now, huh?

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  1. Some Q’s

    What’s the diff between IRL entries and Cats & Sandwiches?

    Did you guys play Outkast’s FlipFlopFlying as your theme song?

    I’m glad someone still calls them flip-flops, I call them that here in Hawai’i (or God forbid, “thongs”) and they look at me funny.

    Ok that last one was not a question.

  2. Some Answers:

    IRL entries are about activity out there in the world. Often they are what a lot of people call “Weekend Update” type of posts.
    Cats & Sandwiches are entries that are mundane details about life, not necessarily a recount of the day.

    We didn’t have a theme song, but the salon played a weird mishmash of muzak, seemingly centered around 80’s pop.

    I actually don’t call them flip-flops, but I do refer to them as such when talking to others. I’ve always called them slippers, which I was happy to learn that people in HI call them that as well.

    I’ve been more aware of the use of the ʻokina when typing “Hawaiʻi” cos I worked in publishing there. See this thingy.

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