Chick Time

Last night, I hung out with Elle in Palo Alto and had some well-deserved “chick time”. I don’t get a lot of chick time because I honestly don’t have a lot of close female friends. Elle and I seem to be in the same boat in this respect, not being able to relate to a lot of typical women (a.k.a. “girly girls”) and have deeper things to talk about other than just shoes and hair and fashion. Sure, we have girl tendencies, so these things do come up at times, but when it becomes your identity, well, it just eats your soul… you become a faceless part of the herd. And there are way too many women out there like that.

It’s always cool to get to know someone that is in the same boat as you… finding something you can connect on and finding the parallels in your lives. Sometimes, we find that we are more alike than we realize (and I speak in a general “we” sense).

In other news, we stopped by Coupa Cafe (my favorite place on the peninsula for caffeinated beverages and then some) and sat outdoors to enjoy our large cups of spicy mayan hot chocolate (yes, it was warm out, but one has to have the hot chocolate when they visit Coupa). We were sitting right alongside the front window, when Andy Ruff and friend sit down at the table right on the inside of the window. I hadn’t seen Andy in what, at least a year? I met him a few years ago at a Scoble Geek Dinner and he used to go to some of our South Bay Blogger meets. It was him and John Chang that got me into the whole coffee geekery scene, and I guess I wouldn’t have been too surprised to see him there. Totally wacky that I caught him a day or two before he was to move to St. Louis!

Anyway, that kinda tickled me. Being out with a blogger friend and randomly running into another in a small cafe in PA.

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