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I guess I’m not incredibly used to big social situations, but I do so love being around people. I guess that is why I like going to meetups… I like meeting and getting to know new people.

This past weekend was a bit more social than most. It can be a bit tiring (but fun) for a quiet, staying-in person such as myself.

Friday was the birthday party of the fabulous Jason and bee-yoo-tiful Glenda over at the Buzz 9 Cafe & Lounge in SF. I picked up Nicole and Brandon from Nicole’s office, and we headed over to Buzz 9 for dinner before the festivities. Turns out that Jason, Glenda and a few other cohorts were already there, so we moved some tables together so we could enjoy some very tasty food and drink. The small plates there are very tasty… we ordered the Warm Brie Baguette (served with caramelized onions and apples), Shrimp and Green Bean Tempura (with a tasty ginger-soy sauce), a caramelized onion and black bean quesadilla, and these yummy (but messy) sweet & sour chicken wings. I washed it down with a fairly tart Mojito.

After dinner, we headed to the downstairs lounge for the birthday party, with Mike spinning the tunes. Lotsa martinis were consumed, many rugs were cut, and there were a few games of pool. I took one of my favorite pictures of Ernie that evening:

Here are the rest of my pictures from that evening. I really like Buzz 9. The classy cafe/restaurant upstairs, and the mellow bar/lounge underground. I will definitely go back again.

Saturday, I spent a good chunk of time cleaning the house in preparation for our regular poker night. It’s always great to have people over.

Sunday was Nicole‘s wedding shower. MJ and I met earlier in the afternoon in Palo Alto to find a gift for the bride (and groom). What’s a wedding shower without lingerie? We found some pretty wild pieces, but decided to not buy anything too racy. There were a few notable pieces that I took a few pictures of while we shopped. Unfortunately(?), we didn’t find the body art chocolate… 😉

The shower was nice… quiet, low-key and simple. I only wish that my wedding festivities could be so comfortable. Yummy potluck food and good people. That’s what it’s all about.

Good friends, good times. That makes a good weekend.

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