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In the madness of the new year, I forgot to post my playlists for my 2004 mixes. Most of the interested parties have exchanged CDs already, so I figured it is now safe to post the lists.

Best of 2004: All are not necessarily the best songs of 2004, but the best artists (IMHO, of course) and a representative track. Each of these tracks were released in the year of 2004.

  1. TKO, Le Tigre
  2. Wouldn’t Believe It, The Get Up Kids
  3. Bend & Break, Keane
  4. The Yellow Ones, Pinback
  5. Don’t Look Away, Joshua Radin
  6. Au Contraire, They Might Be Giants
  7. The Dark of the Matinee, Franz Ferdinand
  8. Planet Tokyo, PuffyAmiYumi
  9. Somebody Told Me, The Killers
  10. Ocean Breathes Salty, Modest Mouse
  11. Muzzle of Bees, Wilco
  12. How to be Dead, Snow Patrol
  13. Memory Lane, Elliott Smith
  14. Evil, Interpol
  15. No Cars Go, Arcade Fire
  16. Fit But You Know It, The Streets
  17. Move On, Mike Doughty
  18. BONUS TRACK: Take Me Out (Live Lounge), Scissor Sisters

New to Me 2004: I blame KSCU.

  1. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, Her Space Holiday
  2. The Execution of All Things, Rilo Kiley
  3. I Fought the Angels, The Delgados
  4. Why I Cry, All Time Quarterback
  5. Ha Ha, Mates of State
  6. Boycott, Mood Elevator
  7. Lucky Ladybug, Guv’ner
  8. The Scientist, Coldplay
  9. Naked as We Came, Iron & Wine
  10. El Caminos in the West, Grandaddy
  11. Something Bigger, Something Brighter, Pretty Girls Make Graves
  12. Let Go, Frou Frou
  13. Last Goodbye, Jeff Buckley
  14. Paper Bag, Fiona Apple
  15. Desperado, Langley Schools Music Project

If you want a copy of the CDs, comment or shoot me an email. You’ll have to give me a copy of yours, too!

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