Monday Mission 3.10

So I’m late, but so was Promo. 😛

Never fear for lack of content in a post-dental-procedure stupor, PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.10 is here!

1. What is the most boring project you have ever had to ?
I would say one of my current projects, which involves creating databases and inventory in FileMaker Pro. Definitely NOT a fun project for a creative type.

2. If you could be anyone or anything you wish, who or what would you want to be? Why?
I’m with Ealasaid. I’d love to be me, just without the debt, the boring contract jobs and the house cleaning. 😉

3. What is one thing you refuse to ever put in your mouth?
There are plenty of things that common sense dictates not to put in your mouth, like, say, poop or dryer lint. But as for things that are *meant* to be put in your mouth… I would try my darnedest not to eat natto. Maybe one day (something about pigs with wings?), but I ain’t pushing for it.

4.If you could film a documentary about yourself and have yourself followed for 1 day, what would that day look like? And why?
It would be like a Christoper Guest movie. Totally.

5. What is the longest distance you have ever traveled to meet someone for the first time (blind date, blogger meet-up, etc). Was it worth the trip?
I currently drive 20 minutes to get the the Blogger Meetups every month. Those are always worth it because of the good company, good conversation and good coffee. I drove 45 minutes to SF with Ben to meet Loren and Wil last summer… that was pretty far. 45 Minutes to SF this past January to meet Mike and Eric at MacWorld, too. Trips that were all worth making!

6. What do people usually assume about you that isn’t true?
That I’m disgustingly studious. Don’t Sit Next to Me (Just Because I’m Asian).

7. What are you craving for lunch today?
Sure, I may have been craving BBQ chicken pizza and a gorgonzola salad, but all I got was some canned soup. Damned tooth.

BONUS: Take a look at me, tell me do you like what you see?
Very good. I must say, I’m impressed.

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