it's not your mother's internet

This is schweet. Chris and I have just completed a session of Warwalking in SF, and we’ve found a plethora of wireless access points right in his neighborhood. The thrill of seeing an access point pop up on MacStumbler is a geeky delight.

I blog this from the front step of Casa de Pirillo. It’s so cool. 🙂

My arm hurts from carrying around my Powerbook (although it really is a light laptop), but it was an enlightening experience.

My arms still are sore today. How lame does that sound? Soreness from a geek activity…?

“How did you injure your arms?”

“It’s an old geek injury. Got it in the ol’ Warwalk of 2003.”

“Oh you poor thing. Let me buy you a coffee.”

oh, agony, agony…

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